Live Case Study

Get your business out of the daily pile up and on the road to long-term, stress-free GROWTH.




VEGA Americas +Johnson Welded Products
April 10, 2018 - at the Manor House in Mason, Ohio.


Learn from a pair of very different organizations in very different parts of their Run Improve Grow journeys. Bring your team to learn best practices and get inspiration from industry-leaders VEGA Americas  and Johnson Welded Products. Hear the honest truth about hard-won successes in improvement, employee engagement, and transformation from the frontline supervisors, managers, and executives who led the charge.


Incredible Achievements

Johnson Welded Products

When the demands of your business start to bury you in day-to-day firefighting, how do you break through?


Johnson Welded Products will share how their team used Run Improve Grow to get out of "the RUN" and delight their customers by crushing their backlog -- all while increasing employee engagement!

100% Backlog Reduction

40% Quality Improvement

33% Throughput Increase


Leaders from JWP will share about:

  • picking the right area to kickoff a successful transformation
  • ensuring frontline engagement
  • overcoming resistance
  • restoring customer confidence



"It has demanded much from the group but the results speak for themselves. Our customers have regained confidence in our ability to ship a quality part on time.”

- Lilli Johnson, Sr., president/owner - Johnson Welded Products


VEGA Americas

After the improvement initiative is over, how do you maintain the momentum? How do you build a management system that supports measured, stress-free GROWTH?


VEGA will share a bit about the incredible results of their improvement initiatives:

95% Retention Rate

50% Productivity Increase

98% On Time Delivery


More importantly, they'll be sharing about the continuous innovations that have sustained a positive culture of  improvement, even long after the initial PUSH.

Leaders from VEGA will share about:

  • their 1000+ improvements (and counting!)
  • how they developed a trusting organization
  • how to drive accountability without authority
  • how they push the boundaries of what it means to be a BEST place to work
  • and MUCH more...!






What is a Run Improve Grow® Case Study?

Authentic stories, best practices, and amazing results — all shared by the courageous leaders who led the charge.

An unforgettable experience

This is NOT your usual corporate networking event. We come together to share best practices in developing a Run Improve Grow culture and get inspired by new ideas from the companies that are taking it to the next level.

A Run Improve Grow CASE STUDY is a two-part event in a premium venue. We always feature two companies: one in the early stages of a Run Improve Grow transformation, and another that is much further down the road.

Bring your entire team to learn from the incredible achievements of other industry-leading organizations like your own.


What you'll hear:

The honest truth about hard-won successes in improvement and transformation: what went well, what was hard, what exploded, what it took to WIN, and what is the next great adventure.



Who presents:

Frontline supervisors, managers, and executives from organizations like your own.



Event Details


The Manor House
7440 Mason Montgomery Road, Mason, OH 45040


APRIL 10, 2018 - (7:30a - 11:30a)


7:30a - 8:00a
Registration & Breakfast

(Plan on enjoying a full hot breakfast courtesy of the excellent Manor House kitchen.)

8:00a - 11:30a
Program -
Johnson Welded Products
VEGA Americas



LUNCH (invitation only) - Private lunch reception for presenting organizations and special guests


Sorry you missed it!

The April 10th 2018 Case Study was an incredible success!

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